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Austrian Lotto FAQ

The Austrian Lotto provides different types of games to their clients implying that you can play a different game every day. You can play any game by choosing different balls and draws each week. The lottery’s customers get the opportunity to play daily and weekly jackpots.

To play the lottery, you only need to follow three simple steps:

  • Choose your favorite lottery game: You can choose to play the big jackpots or the discounted odds provided by the Australian Lotto.
  • After you have picked the number of your favorite game, you are required to choose the numbers to play. Here, you have the option of choosing the numbers randomly through QUICK PICK.
  • To play the jackpot, you will need to purchase a ticket in a store or online

Austria Lotto clients can draw twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday at 16:30 GMT. The clients will need to purchase tickets, which they can acquire online at the lotter at 08:00 GMT on Sunday and at 13:30 GMT on every Wednesday before the day’s draw is made.

For you to have a winning ticket, you have to match all the 6 lucky numbers drawn from a range of 1 to 45. Your chances of winning are increased through the Lotto’s 9 prize categories and one bonus ball that increases the winning chances. As a player, you can get a bonus if you can guess the bonus number correctly.

Austria Lotto provides clients with different jackpots and you can win each of them in a different way. Winning the jackpots is as simple as matching the numbers drawn for each jackpot. You can check their website for further guidance on what it takes to win each jackpot.

Austrian Lotto does not allow minors to participate in any of their lottery games. The legal age for buying a lotto ticket can differ depending on your country of residence. For instance, the legal age for gambling is 18 years and above in countries like Australia and United State while in United Kingdom, the minimum age limit is 16 years. If minors play the Austrian lottery games and win in any of the winning categories, the prizes won will be declared void.

Depending on the country you are in, taxation of lottery prizes might be applicable. As such, you should go through your local country’s gaming and gambling regulations to determine whether your winnings are taxable. Customers in Australia and United Kingdom are not required to pay any tax on lottery prizes. In United States, however, lottery prizes may attract a federal tax and state tax in some instances.

The Austrian Lotto customers can access gaming services globally through online lotteries that are displayed on their website. The firm provides different global payment options that are available globally and that you can use to purchase your tickets.

The Austrian Lotto customers can access gaming services globally through online lotteries that are displayed on their website. The firm provides different global payment options that are available globally and that you can use to purchase your tickets.

If you are wondering what happens to a lotto jackpot that has not been won, you should know that in most cases, the lottery prize is added to the next jackpot draw through a ‘lotto rollover’.

The firm does not require its clients to put their winnings into specific use or investment. Once you have been declared a winner, they will load your lottery winnings into your online account where it is available for withdrawal. Withdrawing your winnings is as simple as clicking the withdrawal button. You also have the option of converting lottery winnings to play credits and reinvest them by playing in other lotteries that the firm offers.

After qualifying for a lottery prize, the firm will provide you with your lottery winnings as soon as possible. You can decide to use Direct Debit or sign up for other available payment methods. Bank payments require that your bank account details are made available to the lottery firm and in such an incidence; they will transfer your prize money into your account in less than a month. If you win any lottery prize before registering with the firm or sharing your bank details with them, just contact their customer care and they will arrange on how you will receive your payments.

How to buy a Lotto ticket 6 out 49?

To participate in the lottery, go to the game page, specify the number of tickets and select the numbers in them. If you don't want to waste time manually filling in tickets, use the auto select function.

Now choose the option to participate in the lottery. This can be a one-time participation in the next drawing, buying multi-circulation on 4, 10, 25 broadcast forward. An even more convenient option is to subscribe to 10, 25, 52 or 104 circulation.

The multi-circulation fee is charged at a time when it is issued. С постоянной подпиской цена билета будет списываться с вашего счета непосредственно перед каждой трансляцией.

German Lotto FAQ

It is easy to play the German Lotto and get in on the excitement and action. Simply go to a registered lottery retailer and fill out a game slip for the German Lotto. The slip will ask the player to pick six numbers between one and forty-nine. The slip will also ask you to pick one bonus number between one and ten. The object is to try to pick the numbers that will show up when the lottery drawing occurs.

The cost of a ticket to play the German Lotto is just €1 per ticket (+ handling fee). Any player may purchase as many tickets as he or she would like. That player may also choose to play the same numbers for multiple drawings for the cost of another ticket per drawing if he or she chooses to do so.

The drawing for the German Lotto game occurs twice weekly every Wednesday and Saturday night. Make sure to have your tickets purchased at least one hour in advance of the drawing as this is when the cut-off to purchase tickets for that drawing is.

The odds of winning in the German Lottery are approximately 1 in 31 when it comes to winning any prize at all. Obviously, the higher the prize amount, the harder it is to win. A breakdown of the odds to win various prizes is as follows:

  • Jackpot: 1 in 139,838,160
  • 6 Main Numbers: 1 in 15,537,573
  • 5 Main Numbers Plus Super Ball: 1 in 542,008
  • 5 Main Numbers: 1 in 60,223
  • 4 Main Numbers Plus Super Ball: 1 in 10,324
  • 4 Main Numbers: 1 in 1,147
  • 3 Main Numbers Plus Super Ball: 1 in 567
  • 3 Main Numbers: 1 in 63
  • 2 Main Numbers Plus Super Ball: 1 in 76

This gives you an idea of what it takes to win the various prize combinations available. It is not easy to win at all, but the higher up you go, the less your odds.

It is important to pay attention to how old you have to be in order to play any particular lottery game. The answer for this game is 18 years old.

Unlike lotteries held in many other parts of the world, the winnings from a lottery in Germany are actually tax-free. The amount that you see that you have won is really the amount that you will receive as a result of being a winner. It is a nice bonus on top of winning the money in the first place!

This game has two minimum jackpot numbers that depend upon what day of the week a player is playing. The Wednesday drawing of this game has a minimum jackpot of 1 million Euros while the minimum jackpot for Saturday is 3 million Euros. Those jackpots increase if there are no winners for any given drawing.

Anyone wishing to play the German Lotto game must be in Germany to purchase the ticket. They are only sold at retailers within the country.

Rules of the game

Understand, how the winner in MegaMillions is determined, not difficult.

How many balls are there in MegaMillions?

In the drawing - balls of two categories: the main (white, 70 pieces), additional (yellow, 25 pieces). The more balls the player managed to guess, the more he gets. In this case, the yellow ball has a strong influence on the winnings.

Below is a table with winning combinations, prizes and chances, that they will fall out:

Guessed the main Guessed additional Prize, $ Chance
5 1 Jackpot 1:302’575’350
5 1’000’000 1:12’607’306
4 1 10’000 1:931’001
4 500 1:38’792
3 1 200 1:14’547
3 10 1:606
2 1 10 1:693
1 4 1:89
1 2 1:37

The chance to win at least some prize in the MegaMillions lottery is 1:24. Not so much, but at the same time, even the minimum reward fully returns the ticket price (it costs 5 dollars). And if you are a little more lucky and you manage to guess at least two balls (and one of them is yellow), then investments in the lottery will double.

How does the multiplier affect??

Players, who want to increase their winnings, can use the multiplier. If you buy a ticket with multiplication, then the probable prize rises to 2, 3, 4 or 5 time. The exact value of the multiplier varies from circulation to circulation and is set before the start of the drawing.

Here's how much you can win at MegaMillions, using the multiplier:

Guessed the main Guessed additional Prizes
2 3 4 5
5 $2’000’000 $3’000’000 $4’000’000 $5’000’000
4 1 $20’000 $30’000 $40’000 $50’000
4 $1’000 $1’500 $2’000 $2’500
3 1 $400 $600 $800 $1000
3 $20 $30 $40 $50
2 1 $20 $30 $40 $50
1 1 $8 $12 $16 $20
1 $4 $6 $8 $10

When are the draws held??

MegaMillions Results Stream Live on American Television. Draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00 in the time zones of New York and Toronto. Interesting, that the broadcasts are carried out and then, when America has national holidays.

If you couldn't watch the live broadcast, then the results can be found on the official website megamillions.

What jackpot?

The minimum value of the jackpot in the mega million lottery is 15 million dollars. The main prize of the leading American lottery never fell below this mark..

For the next draw, That will take place 18 May 2018 of the year, the jackpot is expected to be $55 million. If no one succeeds in hitting the jackpot in this draw, then 22 May jackpot will be 60 millions. Further, it will grow every time by 5 million, until there is a lucky one, guessed all six digits.

Play MegaMillions

How money is distributed?

Meg Millions Lottery Organizers Spend Proceeds as follows:

  • 50% - winnings for participants
  • 35% - contributions to state budgets, where is the lottery
  • 15% - income of ticket distributors.

Why AgentLotto?

Over the short years of work, AgentLotto has managed to win the trust of customers with its reliability and efficiency.. Users are attracted by the user-friendly site interface, transparency of conditions, bonuses and most importantly the opportunity to play foreign lotteries.

Other advantages of Lotto Agent:

  • Wide range of options for paying for tickets and withdrawing winnings: cards of any Russian banks, e-wallets Qiwi, Yandex.Money and WebMoney, mobile operator accounts
  • Reasonable ticket prices and no commission for such services, as a notification about the results of the win, transfer of the prize to your account
  • All your tickets are collected in your personal account, therefore there is no need to search for information on several pages of the site
  • Easy registration on the site, which will take you just a couple of minutes
  • The service gives new users a discount on the first purchase and a free ticket
  • Responsive technical support 24/7

What Was The Biggest Austria Lotto Jackpot

According to statistics, since its founding in 1986, the Austria Lotto has doled out prizes that are enough to make every Austrian a prizewinner at least 50 times! In fact, the lottery has made over 900 people millionaires all over the world. The guaranteed jackpot amount at the lottery is a cool €1.5 million, which is carried over to the next draw in case no one picks the right 6 numbers.

The most prominent jackpot won at the Austria Lotto was a massive €9.64 million by a single player from Vienna on 12th August 2015. The winner picked 6 matching number using auto-generated digits that gave the player the biggest ever Austria Lotto win. The second highest jackpot was won recently on 24th December 2017 when two players – one from Lower Austria and the other from Upper Styria – got the same auto-generated 6 numbers. Each player received a massive €6.11 million. In 2011, a lucky player got to take home €5 million.

EuroJackpot FAQ

To play this exciting lottery game, one needs to purchase a EuroJackpot ticket from a licensed lottery retailer. These retailers are spread out all throughout the country. It is certainly not difficult to find them. The cost of such a ticket is simply two Euros. As such, for a little pocket money one can get in on the action.

When submitting the ticket for entry in the drawing, the lottery player needs to either select their own numbers or have the computer system pick those numbers for them. Either way, they will have a ticket printed out which reminds them of which numbers they have selected for the drawing.

As mentioned above, the cost of a EuroJackpot ticket is just two Euros. One may select to play more than one ticket per drawing of course. The total cost of playing in any particular drawing depends upon how many tickets an individual buys as well as how many drawings they would like those tickets to run for.

This exciting drawing takes place every Friday night. This is a once a week drawing which gives people plenty of time to buy up the tickets that they want for this game. It is usually a rather impressive jackpot that is available to the winner of the drawing if there is one. If no one wins on a particular drawing, then the prize money is rolled over to the next drawing.

There are different odds based on the prize one wins. The jackpot odds are 1 in 95,344,200. However, there are 12 other prizes up for grabs in this game. The easiest to win comes in at odds of 1 in 35.

The minimum jackpot for this game is set at ten million Euros. This is the level at which the jackpot gets reset to every time there is a winner drawn. Of course, every time that there is not a winner, a certain percentage of the money put into the drawing is then rolled into the next jackpot. This means that the jackpot can get quite high over time.

There are different rules and regulations regarding the minimum age to play this lottery game depending on the country you are in. Most of the participating countries have set the age limit at eighteen, but there are a few that require someone to be at least twenty-one years old. Given this, it is important to check out the local laws and regulations before trying to purchase a ticket.

It is possible to participate in the EuroJackpot in an electronic way via LottoLand if you are residing in any of sixteen European countries. Basically, you do so by doing everything that you would be doing to play the game the typical way, except that you are doing so via your computer. Since the results are posted on the Internet, it is easy enough for LottoLand to match up the results from the Internet to the numbers that you picked electronically. As such, you are paid the same prize winnings from LottoLand as you would have been paid via the lottery itself.

The answer to this one is a simple yes. You have to be lucky in order to win a prize from the lottery. There are no systems that one can use that beat the overall odds of the lottery. All players should play responsibility with money that they can afford to lose. The lottery is intended to be a source of entertainment, not a way to consistently make money. If you get lucky you could walk home with a huge jackpot, but you might also just end up with no winnings at all.

Austria Lotto Results Online – 6 out 45 Winning Numbers

Austria is the birthplace of incredible desserts, Freud, Mozart, and ballroom dancing. Also, it’s the setting of the famous Sound of Music and mountains everywhere you look. Apart from these general knowledge top things about Austria, the country is also home to the largest organized lottery in Europe, the Austria Lotto (also known as Austrian Lotteries). Fortunately, this lottery is open to everyone within and without the borders of the country; in fact, you don’t even need to be in Europe to get a pick of your lucky Austria lottery numbers!

6aus45, or the Austrian Lotto, is the most popular lottery game in Austria for several reasons. For starters, the lotto offers you some of the best jackpot odds compared to most European lotto’s, and at just €2 a ticket, it is a good value investment for your money. The Austrian Lotto jackpot starts at €1.5 million and goes on climbing until a lucky player gets to match the numbers.

Odds Of Winning Austria Lotto

Everybody in the world dreams of hitting the jackpot. However, one way of making this a reality for you is understanding that there’s no place you’ll ever get information on how to make that perfect combination. You can take a chance at analysing the numbers, but you know that the winning numbers generated twice a week are purely picked at random. However, lady luck could be on your side! The odds of you hitting the Austria Lotto jackpot are 1 in 8,145,060. In fact, according to lottery experts, the odds of hitting the low and high numbers in this lottery are 83%. Encouraging numbers considering the odds you get on other European lotteries.

Where To Find The Latest Austria Lotto Results

Fortunately, instead of travelling all the way to Austria to participate or check on the results from Austria Lotto, you can use the Internet in the comfort of your home, office or wherever. On the Internet, you will find such resources like Multilotto that allow you to view the results of the Austrian Lotto. The best thing about using such resources is that you will also see a history of lotto results going back a couple of months. Nevertheless, your choices are not limited to the Internet only.

Whether you are a huge Austria Lotto follower or a newbie to the lottery, you can also get a live view of the lottery as it occurs live on Austria TV stations – if you can. However, the best way to get the best information is via online lotto resources. Some of the information you will find includes the name of the latest Austria Lotto jackpot winner. In addition, you can also find out whether you have won any of the other prizes for matching between 3 and 5 numbers. If this sounds exciting to you, its time you purchase your lotto ticket and be a part of the lottery’s jackpot history!

More Reasons To Play Online At Multilotto

Do you fancy positive results with your Austria Lottery numbers? Then at Multilotto, you will find the lotto results as they are occurring, no more searching or waiting for days on end. You have the option of checking out the latest results first or checking the history of the lotto if you intend to analyse numbers before picking your best combination. However, you need to be at least 18 years of age to participate in the Austria Lotto via Multilotto platform. The site also offers you stellar customer support and has an excellent reputation online.

Apart from finding the results quickly, Multilotto also gives you information about the latest Austria Lotto jackpot as well as how you can play it. All you need to do is pick your lucky numbers and pay for your ticket. In case you miss the jackpot, you don’t have to worry because there are eight other prizes. One thing you should keep in mind is that this Austrian Lotto brings you better odds compared to other European lotteries. Overall, you have about a 1:12 chance of taking a prize home from this lotto, meaning that every 12th bet is most likely to pay out. No more waiting, it’s time you get in on the action today.

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter

Audrey P.

317,40 EUR≈ 24 901,62 ₽

Naveen Reddy R.

84,70 EUR≈ 6 645,14 ₽

Yaqub M.

88,20 EUR≈ 6 919,73 ₽

Skander b.

105,50 EUR≈ 8 277,00 ₽


147,62 GBP≈ 12 844,59 ₽

Louis C.

164,20 EUR≈ 12 882,31 ₽

Louis C.

164,20 EUR≈ 12 882,31 ₽

alexander k.

266,34 USD≈ 18 789,54 ₽

given by.

448,00 EUR≈ 35 147,84 ₽

Mircea Ioan C.

121,50 EUR≈ 9 532,28 ₽

Manfred Peter O.

100,50 CHF≈ 7 366,60 ₽

alexander k.

378,80 USD≈ 26 723,27 ₽


165,68 GBP≈ 14 416,01 ₽

Mirela M.

119,80 EUR≈ 9 398,91 ₽

Roman T.

10 372,29 RUBL≈ 10 372,29 ₽

Oliver B.

139,90 EUR≈ 10 975,85 ₽

Svitlana D.

310,01 USD≈ 21 870,33 ₽

Vasile Viorel S.

124,20 EUR≈ 9 744,11 ₽


160,43 GBP≈ 13 959,20 ₽

nikolay s.

412,00 EUR≈ 32 323,46 ₽

Neil R.

339,49 USD≈ 23 950,06 ₽

Jose luis m.

111,00 EUR≈ 8 708,51 ₽

Thorsten Khanh Nam N.

146,00 EUR≈ 11 454,43 ₽

Jose luis m.

111,00 EUR≈ 8 708,51 ₽

Thorsten Khanh Nam N.

146,00 EUR≈ 11 454,43 ₽

Thorsten S.

182,00 EUR≈ 14 278,81 ₽


212,40 EUR≈ 16 663,84 ₽

Sergey A.

320,39 USD≈ 22 602,61 ₽

Rémy C.

99,00 EUR≈ 7 767,05 ₽

Markus R..

127,00 EUR≈ 9 963,79 ₽

Lotto rules 6/49

В Lotto 6/49 three lotteries are held in one draw:

  • main lotto (6 of 49)
  • drawing of a guaranteed prize in 1 million dollars (Guaranteed Prize Draw)
  • drawing of an additional prize from $500 thousand to $ 1 million (Encore Draw)

Fields, which are needed for so many draws, fit on one ticket:

Main Lotto (6 of 49)

The rules are the same here, as in other lotteries "6 out of 49". On the ticket 49 numbers ranging from 1 of 49, of them you need to choose 6 arbitrary numbers. The more numbers match the barrel numbers, which the presenter will get from the lottery drum, the greater the gain.

Difficult game (Combo)

Choosing "Difficult game (Combo)», the player can cross out not 6, a 5,7,8 or 9 digits. In this case, the number of winning combinations will be as follows:

  • when choosing 5 digits - 44 (the cost of the game - $132)
  • when choosing 7 digits - 7 (the cost of the game - $21)
  • when choosing 8 digits - 28 (the cost of the game - $84)
  • when choosing 9 digits - 84 (the cost of the game - $252)

Feature of "Lotto 6/49" - when choosing 5 there will be more numbers of winning combinations, than if the player crosses out 6 or 7 digits. Lotto 6/49 has a rule: if the player crosses out 5 digits, then the winning combinations will be all, which has everything 5 digits and any other number. In other words, if the player crosses out the numbers 1,2,3,4,5, the combination 1,2,3,4,5,6 it will be beneficial for him. Like combinations 1,2,3,4,5,7; 1,2,3,4,5,8 other.

What are the prizes in the main round?

The Lotto 6/49 prize pool is distributed among the winners as follows:

Winning category Number of coincidences Prize fund share
1 category 6 79,5%
2 category 5+1 6%
3 category 5 5%
4 category 4 9,5%
5 category 3 $10
6 category 2+1 $5
7 category 2 Free bet on the next draw

Guaranteed Prize Draw

Guaranteed Prize Draw is a lottery, which makes one participant "Lotto 6/49" richer by $1 million. This lotto is played in every draw. Which means, twice a week the organizers of "Lotto 6/49" make one of the players a dollar millionaire.

You don't need to pay extra for participation in the Guaranteed Prize Draw - participation in this lottery is included in the ticket price. The winner is determined after the end of the main lotto. The presenter announces a ten-digit combination in the format 12345678-01. Participant, who found a combination like this on his ticket, becomes a winner.

Note, that the numbers in the combination for the Guaranteed Prize Draw the player cannot select. They are printed on the ticket in advance.

Encore Draw

Encore Draw - additional lotto, participation in which is 1 dollars. Encore Draw is played in every Lotto 6/49 draw.

The leader's lottery drum contains 10 kegs with numbers from 0 to 9. He takes turns pulls out of the device 7 balls, showing their numbers. Then the removed keg is sent back to the lottery drum. Therefore, in a winning combination of Encore Draw, the same number may appear twice or more..

Participants, guessing all 7 numbers in that order, in which they fell, get by $1 million. Players, correctly named 6 or fewer numbers, also get prizes:

  • for 6 numbers - $100 thousand
  • for 5 numbers - $1000
  • for 4 numbers - $100
  • for 3 numbers - $10
  • for 2 numbers - $5.

How to play the German lottery 6 of 49 residents of Belarus, Of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries?

According to the rules of the German licensed lottery, residents of Germany can purchase the coveted ticket. Thanks to modern technologies and services of intermediary companies, residents of the countries of the world can try their luck in the fight for several million dollars. To participate in the Lotto de 6 out 49 residents of the CIS countries, you need to do a few things:

The chance of getting the jackpot is distributed in the ratio as 1 to 139,8 millions. The probability of winning a prize in the minimum category is 1 to 54. If you played through an intermediary and luck smiled, getting a prize is not difficult. If the prize amount does not exceed 2500 euros, it will be automatically credited to your personal account, and then transfer to a bank account.

If the amount won is higher 2500 euros, an intermediary will contact you to clarify the details, will agree on the most convenient way for you to receive the won amount. If you chose bank transfer, its duration is 2-10 days. The term of the operation depends on the conditions and rules of the bank, where is the account.

When Are The Austria Lotto Results Drawn?

The results from the Austria Lotto are drawn twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday, taking place at 18.30 CET on both days. All you have to do is enter a draw before it goes live through a reputable online ticket vendor, the lotto’s website, or even their mobile app. In the virtual ticket, choose 6 numbers out of a possible range running from 1 to 45 – the lottery runs a 6/45 format. In addition, pick an extra number between 1 and 45. Once you match 6 numbers, you are the next Austria Lotto millionaire.

While purchasing tickets, you have the choice of selecting your own unique lucky numbers (they could be related to your life) or use the auto-generate random feature you find for random numbers. Before playing your numbers, it’s pertinent that you have an understanding of all possible matching wins. When it comes to Austria Lotto, you can win just for matching the bonus number (€2) or matching 3 main numbers (€5). Plus, you need to have an idea of your odds of hitting the right numbers.

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