What is the most winning lottery in Russia

Closed lotteries

The list of these lotteries would not be complete without mentioning lotteries, which were popular, but ceased to exist. On many sites they are still marked as existing, but this is far from the case.

"Lotto Million" - a pioneer, one of the most popular numerical lotteries in modern Russia in the 90s. The lottery organizers did not just create a drawing, and a whole weekly show.

What is the most winning lottery in RussiaFilled out and paid ticket of the Russian Lotto Million lottery, 1992 year

Golden Key - up to 2016 of the year competed with the Russian Lotto, giving away each draw for several apartments.

Railroad Lottery - monthly numerical lottery, contested 6 of 36. I remember those people, that lottery tickets were sold by conductors on passenger trains. The draws were not broadcast on television.

The primitive

La Primitiva lottery game (The primitive) is in the last place in the ranking. Homeland of the game - Spain. The draws were started in 1736 year, and since then the organization, host of the event, I didn't compromise myself. For nearly three hundred years, all obligations to play the game and pay out winnings have been properly fulfilled.

La Primitiva minimum jackpot win - 1,5 million. $ USA. The most significant winnings in the game occurred in 2005 year (24 million. €), in 2008 year (2,5 million. €), 2009 year (4,5 million. €). To win the jackpot, need to guess 6 lottery numbers. All in the ticket 49 numbers and it's not easy to do. If a person guesses five, four, three numbers, then he receives prizes of lower monetary value. If you win more than 2500 €, the participant must pay 20% taxes.

Any citizen of the world can participate in the lottery drawing, reached 18 years and being able to buy an online ticket

When buying a ticket online, be careful - there are many scammers, who want to cheat the buyer

Which lottery to choose

What is the most winning lottery in Russia

Solving, which lottery ticket is better to buy, need to know, what is the probability of winning, how is the lottery held, and how the results are announced. Fortunately, this information is publicly available on the Internet.

You can read reviews about the lottery on the site or comments on the video. How winners, so the losers willingly share their impressions after the game.

Check out several previous editions of the draw. At the beginning of the transmission, they usually say, how many tickets were issued, how many of their owners and how much to win after the announcement of the results.

Many experienced players claim, that the most honest lottery is, all tickets for which were sold prior to the drawing. The second condition is the selection of winning numbers by people. Game, in which the fate of people is determined by an automaton,picking balls, inspire less confidence in lottery participants.

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