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Important About Taxes on Lottery Winnings

Lottery winnings are tax deductible. The tax is 13%, but for those, кто не является налоговым резидентом в РФ — 30%, but this is a paltry amount compared to the big win. From the official site:

FROM 01 january 2018 years if the winning amount is equal to or exceeds 15 000 rubles, then the tax is withheld when the winnings are paid. If the winning amount is less 15 000 rubles, then you need to independently contact the tax authority at the place of residence no later than 30 April of the year, following the expired tax period and submit a tax return.

Just read about the winner recently, who didn't pay tax, I have already spent all the money (although there was OGO-ho), and now the tax authorities are confiscating his property. So don't be greedy, if you won, then pay taxes, although under the new law, if the amount of the win is equal to or exceeds 15 000 rubles, then the tax on this amount is withheld upon payment (tax on smaller amounts must be paid by yourself). Just for the greedy and forgetful.

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