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How to Play JackpotLotto

Playing JackpotLotto is simple and does not require you to leave home as it is only available online. Draws take place at 12:40pm and 7:40pm every day. Follow the steps below to take part:

  • Select six numbers from 1 to 50 and a Jackpot Ball from a separate set of 1 to 5
  • To submit more than one entry, move on to the next game panel and repeat the process
  • Choose how many draws to enter. You can bet on a single draw or subscribe so that you never miss a draw
  • Add your bets to the cart and complete your purchase

You will be asked to sign in before you can buy your entries. If you are a new user, you will just need to set up a Jackpot.com account and deposit funds. It costs £0.50 for a single JackpotLotto entry, however, if you take out a monthly subscription the cost per line reduces to just £0.09.

Once you have entered, you can sit back and wait for the results. With your numbers safely submitted online, you do not need to keep hold of a ticket to check the results later. You will be notified if you are a winner.

JackpotLotto Prizes

JackpotLotto has a fixed jackpot of £100,000 in every draw. To win this top prize, you need to match all six main numbers plus the Jackpot Ball. If there is more than one jackpot winner, the money will be shared out evenly.

As well as offering a six-figure jackpot, the overall odds of winning a prize are just 1 in 5. You just need to match the Jackpot Ball to win a Free Bet, even if you don’t match any of the main six numbers. The following table shows the prizes you can win on JackpotLotto and the odds of winning.

Numbers Matched Prize Odds of Winning
6 + Jackpot Ball £100,000 1 in 79,453,500
0 + Jackpot Ball Free Bet 1 in 5

If you match between one and five main numbers plus the Jackpot Ball, you also win a Free Bet. The Free Bet will be automatically credited to your account if you win so you just need to log in to activate it for a future draw of your choice.

If you win the jackpot, you will be contacted directly and informed how the claims process will work. Extra verification checks may be required before you can receive your prize.

At a time when there is uncertainty about the schedule of many lotteries, JackpotLotto is guaranteed to always go ahead because the results are produced by a Random Number Generator rather than a mechanical ball machine.

A time-stamp mechanism is also used to ensure that results are protected, and it is exclusively available online so there is no need to leave the house to play the game or claim prizes.

Advantages Of Playing Eurojackpot Lotto

  • One of the worlds biggest Jackpots
  • Higher probability of winning
  • You can bet online anywhere in the world

Comparing Between Eurojackpot and Euromillions

The Eurojackpot is the newest and largest lotto in Europe. The closest lotto in the region is Euromillions which is the most popular and has the biggest market share in terms of lottery ticket sales. However, in other aspects, Eurojackpot stands out when compared side by side. While the guaranteed minimum jackpot prize for Euromillion is €15 million, Eurojackpot is €10 million. However, the chance of winning the Eurojackpot mega prize is 1/95,344,200 while the chances of Euromillions are lower at 1/139,838,160. In addition, there are 13 tiers of the Euromillion prize and 12 tiers of the Eurojackpot prize. Lastly, there are only 9 European countries participating in Euromillions while 16 countries are currently taking part in Eurojackpot.

While the two mega lotteries in Europe are similar in various aspects, it is the unique approach to consumer protection that makes Eurojackpot unique and more popular among wagers. Since Eurojackpot is a new entrant in the lottery market, there are various operational aspects that are likely to change in future. While the Euromillion draw occurs twice a week, Eurojackpot is drawn only on Fridays. However, the trend is likely to change in future and the management have hinted on adding another draw in the near future.

What Are The Winning Odds? Eurojackpot Winning Statistics

Most players evaluate the winning statistics of a lottery before making a decision to select the numbers and buying a ticket. Some people believe that there are popular numbers that are drawn frequently and which are likely to appear in future draws. Other people are convinced that the best way to win is selecting the numbers that have not been drawn for a long time and are likely to appear on the draw soon. However, the facts indicate something different. It is important to note that Eurojackpot statistics reveal that all numbers have exactly the same chance of being drawn.

The highest Jackpot prize per year was €21m in 2012, €46m in 2013 and €61m in 32014 while the rest of the years have had €90 million up to 2018. The winning statistics have changed often since the lottery was started depending on the players’ subscription and wining events. However, there has been a consistent pattern on the number selected.

Другие Национальные лотерейные игры

EuroMillions — одна из любимых лотерей Великобритании, но не единственная крупная лотерея данной страны. Множество игроков каждую неделю с удовольствием играют в указанные ниже игры.

Лотерея HotPicks

В лотерее HotPicks используются те же выигрышные номера, что и в основном розыгрыше лотереи, но она считается отдельной игрой. Стоимость участия — 1 фунт стерлингов за линию. Вам нужно сначала решить, сколько номеров вы хотите попробовать угадать. Например, вы можете сыграть в различные виды игры: от игры Pick 1 («Выбери 1»), в которой нужно выбрать и угадать только один номер, вплоть до игры Pick 5 («Выбери 5»), где требуется выбрать и угадать пять номеров. Вам ничего не выиграете, если угадаете меньше номеров, чем выбрали. Например, если вы играете в игру Pick 5 («Выбери 5»), вы ничего не выиграете, угадав четыре номера или менее.


Thunderball («Шаровая молния») — еще одна игра Национальной лотереи Великобритании. Она проводится каждую среду, пятницу и субботу, и размер призов в ней достигает 500 000 фунтов стерлингов. Игрокам нужно выбрать 5 основных номеров от 1 до 39 и один номер Thunderball от 1 до 14. Игрок, который угадает все пять номеров и номер Thunderball, выиграет главный приз — 500 000 фунтов стерлингов. Кроме того, имеется восемь других уровней призов. Например, можно выиграть, угадав только лишь номер Thunderball.

Так же как и в случае с лотереей «Евромиллионы», билеты для игры в Британское лото могут быть приобретены как онлайн, так и в местах распространения официальных представителей. Для игры онлайн, просто выберите желаемые номера или воспользуйтесь опцией «На удачу» (анг. Lucky Dip), после чего совершив оплату вы получите подтверждение на указанный при регистрации эл. адрес. Ваш билет будет автоматически проверен, а в случае любой, даже самой маленькой победы, вы получите уведомление на эл. адрес. Все призы, не превышающие сумму в 5 000£ автоматически выплачиваются на ваш уккаунт – таким образом ваш выигрыш не останется невостребованным. С победителями суммы более 5 000£ представители сервиса свяжутся и помогут уладить все вопросы, связанные с получением выигрыша.

«Set For Life»

Лотерея «Set For Life» стала первой игрой в Великобритании, призы которой выплачиваются в виде аннуитета – частичными выплатами на протяжении долгого времени. Тиражи проходят по понедельникам и четвергам. Стоимость игровой линии составляет £1.50, и вы должны отметить 5 основных номеров от 1 до 47 и «Life Ball» от 1 до 10.

Призы первых двух туров выплачиваются в виде аннуитета, благодаря которому победителя получают свой выигрыш на протяжении определенного времени. Главный приз составляет £10,000 ежемесячно на протяжении 30 лет, в общем итоге £3.6 миллиона, в то время как выигрыш второго тура составляет £10,000 ежемесячно на протяжении года (всего £120,000). Шансы выиграть главный приз составляют 1 из 15,339,390, а общая вероятность выигрыша любого приза – 1 из 12,4.

Иногда Национальная лотерея проводит специальную серию тиражей лотереи Set For Life под названием «Тиражи супершанса» (Super Chance Draws). В тираже cупершанса можно выиграть выплаты по 10 000 £ в месяц в течение 30 лет, угадав номера пяти основных шаров. Тираж супершанса также увеличивает ваши шансы на выигрыш главного приза до 1 из 1 533 939. О проведении Тиражей супершанса объявляется за несколько недель до фактических дат тиражей, и вы можете принять в них участие таким же образом, как и в обычном тираже Set For Life.

Advantages of playing international lotteries online

More choice – instead of being forced to play your local lottery, no matter how large the current jackpot is, you can choose from multiple lotteries

  • Better value for money – instead of, for example, paying €2 for a ticket that can win €1 million, you can play for a Mega – Jackpot of €100 million or more. Even if you pay a higher price per ticket for that bigger lottery, mathematically your money would be better spent playing for the larger reward.
  • Convenience – no more need to leave the house to get a ticket. You can buy your ticket from home, or use your cellphone to play the lottery.
  • Security – an online lottery ticket cannot be lost, like a physical lotto ticket. Your lottery tickets are securely stored in your online account.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eurojackpot lotto At Multilotto

Where Can I Buy Eurojackpot Ticket?

You can buy Eurojackpot ticket from offline convenient stores if you are located in European countries such as Criatia, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Lithuania and Latvia as well as supermarkets, corner shops and newsagents in Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain and Norway. However, if you are not in any of the countries mentioned, Eurojackpot tickets can now be bought over the internet through Multilotto.

How Do I Place A Bet On Eurojackpot?

The process of placing a bet on eurojackpot is very easy. The first step involves filling out a Betslip by simply picking 5 regular numbers and 2 special numbers on the ticket you buy and then wait for the draw to take place. The prizes are awarded depending on how the draw numbers correctly match with the numbers you selected. For more information about the bonus prizes, check the results on the Eurojackpot site for the complete breakdown. However, if another player has the same winning numbers as yours, you will share the prize money if none of you bet using the unique number shield services.

What Happens When There Is No Jackpot Winner?

In the event that none of the players matched the winning numbers correctly, there is no one declared a jackpot winner and the money is rolled over to the next draw. In other words, this means that the prize money is added to the next draw while the jackpot money continues growing until a winner is found in future. Rolling over the prize is a common phenomenon in the jackpot because it has to happen until a jackpot winner is found and rewarded. Rollover also happens for the second place reward prizes as well but it is not regular for the smaller tiers rewards.

Which Countries Is The EuroJackpot Offered?

There are 16 countries in Europe where a player can buy a ticket from supermarkets, corner shops, and convenient stores. These countries include Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic and Estonia. However, in other European countries like Austria, Russia, UK, Poland and Slovakia, you can only buy the Eurojackpot exclusively from Mulitlotto. In addition, players from other countries outside Europe are not restricted to play as they can also buy the tickets online from Multilotto. The wide coverage of Eurojackpot across the world makes it the biggest lottery in Europe but serves more than 300 million people across the world.

What Are The Common Eurojackpot Statistics?

The odds of winning the mega prize of the Eurojackpot are about 1/95,344,200. However, there are 12 additional tiers that are won in each draw when at least two of the number you select matches with the numbers on the draw. The chance of winning the smallest prize is 1/35. Under normal conditions, the odds are almost two times those offered in Eurojackpot’s major competitor (EuroMillions lotto). The lowest Eurojackpot draw is €10 m which is reset every time a lottery jackpot is won, while the minimum EuroJackpot prize is €2 which also grows depending on the amount offered on the jackpot.

What Does It Take To Win The Eurojackpot Lotto?

It is a fact that regardless of the system or platform used to buy the mega million jackpot tickets, you will have to spend a significant amount of good fortune to win it. However, Eurojackpot is different from other lotteries and has become the darling of most professional lottery players as it combines the big jackpot with the best odds of winning. Despite the numerous jackpot prediction platforms available on the internet which claims that you can use anything from zodiacal constellation to complex computer programs to predict the draw numbers, there is no scientifically proven method that can determine the numbers accurately. Therefore, to improve your chances of winning, you need to use logics and invest a little more money that the average player.

It is easy to play online with RedFoxLotto

Whether you would like to play the US Powerball Jackpot, the EuroMillions Jackpot, the Spanish El Gordo, Italy’s SuperEnaLotto,

lotto online

or any other lottery, you can buy all your tickets in one place. Or try a new global lottery called GG World Lotto – they have a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $100 million!

With RedFoxLotto, you are no longer restricted to your national lotto – you now have the choice to play online lotto for any event you want, via the internet. That way, you can choose the jackpot which is the highest at the moment, thus increasing your chances of winning big. Or, go for the lotto which is to be drawn next – that way you don’t have to wait forever to find out whether you have won! It is as easy as can be, from choosing a lottery jackpot to picking your numbers and paying.

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